Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Firewood

from 149.99

Our Seasoned Firewood is a mix of hardwoods including oak, maple and beech. Sold by the Cord ($239.00) and Half Cord ($149.00). A cord measures 4' x4' x 8' when stacked tightly together. Most pieces are cut to lengths of 16 inches. We have stacks available for pick up at Timothy's if you do not need a firewood in bulk.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is sold PER CORD or 1/2 CORD. Please select preference in the options above.

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Please Note: Timothy's can only deliver one type of item per truck load (i.e. mulch or stone). If you would like more than one item delivered, kindly place a separate order for each item. Delivery fees will apply. Please contact us with any questions.