+ What do I need to do before my delivery comes?

Please have all cars removed from the driveway and or garage before your scheduled delivery time if you do not want them blocked in.

+ How big of a pile will my order be?

Depending on the size of your order the pile will be at least 10’ wide. An 8 yard delivery will be a pile approximately 10’ high x10’ wide x 4’.

+How will Timothy’s know where to dump my order?

In the comment/Special instruction section please specify where in the driveway you would like your order dumped. Please refer to the location as if you are facing up the driveway with your back to the street. The bottom of the driveway would be by the street. Top of the driveway would be furthest spot from the road. To be sure you can leave a recycling can in the spot you would like the material dumped.

+ Can Timothy’s drive on my yard to deliver my order?

If you are home at the time of delivery to show our driver where you would like you order dumped Timothy’s driver will check the site to be sure the ground is hard enough. If we do drive on your lawn Timothy’s is not responsible for any ruts in your grass, broken sprinkler heads and or lines, septic systems or any other hidden objects. If we cannot get the material to your desired location we will dump the material in the driveway or another location on the property. Your order cannot be canceled once we are on the site even in the event that we are unable to dump on to your desired location.